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Services & Workshops


At Eternal Wellness, we offer a wide variety of services to include group workshops, focus seminars, individual appointments, mental health counseling and private or group training sessions. 

Group workshops start at an introductory level and take an easy to learn approach to mental, physical and spiritual wellness through basic strength training techniques, proper nutrition, progressive relaxation exercises, mindfulness training, chakras and auric bodies and even guided meditations and reiki treatments. As we continue to meet, we will progressively build upon your knowledge base to help you actualize your true self. 

Do our pre-scheduled workshop times not work for your schedule? No problem, just contact us to find out how you can get a group of your friends together and host a wellness workshop in your home or place of work...and the best part is it is FREE for you!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our focus seminars and group activities that are a great way to get in some extra training!

Workshop Structure

Workshops generally run an hour and a half in length and are comprised of no more than 15 attendees.  We strive to keep the groups small so that we can offer one-on-one attention and better focus on each individual's needs, experience level and questions.  Each workshop incorporates physical fitness along with relaxation and stress relieving techniques and ends with a wrap-up session that incorporates spirituality so that you leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and at peace. 

Focus Seminars

Focus seminars are held for a variety of reasons and on a plethora of subject matters.  Whether it's a group field trip to the local grocery store to teach you how to read nutritional labels and make healthier food choices for you and your family or a symbolic earth-based ritual to restore and repair your auric field and root chakra - you are guaranteed to learn something new, make new friends and have fun! 

Energy Work & Healings

Our private healing consultations focus on improving energy flow of the body while highlighting proper nutrition and helping you achieve physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and mental balance within yourself.  Many of our clients have had amazing results from these healing sessions!  Individual sessions are $50 or purchase three for $125.  Call or email us to learn more today!